Art for the Spirit of Wild Mountain

We are thrilled to share our beautiful new logo-mandala, created by paper-cut artist Catherine Sieck. After collectinge fertile brainstorms and lists of images, values, and ideas connected to the Wild Mountain land, Catherine brought it all together in an incredible synthesis of symbol and texture.

The original is a delicate 5′ x 5′ paper cut. We are in the process of getting it scanned so that higher resolution versions will be available, and one day we may even figure out how to translate it into a wood cut for the side of the schoolhouse! (If you have ideas about this, please share!).

So many of the core elements of our lives and dreams at Wild Mountain are woven together here in a complexity that is hard to describe in words (and, thankfully, we don’t need to describe it– it’s all here to see and explore!). From the hearts gathered around the community fire circle, the cycles of birth and death, the community-planted garlic, and the nursing mama… to the human-horse connections, the gathering of children, and the harvest of delicious fruit — it’s all here. We are blessed to be a part of such a deep and robust community of human and more-than-human beings, and we are blessed to have Catherine reflect and amplify this back to all of us!