Robert Frost International Summer Camp, 2018

In collaboration with the Saxifrage Institute incubator (Maine) and Camp Awesome (China), Wild Mountain members helped to plan, staff, and host a portion of the 2018 international Robert Frost Camp.

18 young people, ages 9-17, gathered in July from various parts of China and Maine to participate in a 2 week intercultural exchange and self-governance experience across four sites in Maine. The camp was built on the Luethi-Peterson Camps (LPC) model, emphasizing cooperative community living and cross-cultural communication.

For 4 of the camp’s 16 days, campers and counselors were part of the Wild Mountain community, learning hands-on farming skills, climbing trees, engaging all senses in the woods, making music, and cooking food. In one particularly memorable moment, a group of Chinese campers–raised in big cities–pointed to the sky and exclaimed with astonishment and joy. They were seeing stars for the first time.

We learned many things from the campers, counselors, camp organizers, and the experience itself. One key lesson: sharing this land and community with young people is one powerful way for us to make meaningful change in the world. More of this work to come!