Summer Apprenticeship Program 2019

Note: our summer 2019 positions have been filled.

Wild Mountain is seeking summer apprentices who wish to live and work in this land-based community. Interns will have the unique opportunity of working on a cooperatively-run Permaculture farm and can expect to be involved in many different kinds of farm work and activities:

  • Composting and soil building
  • Seed germination and seedling care
  • No-till garden bed preparation
  • Planting, mulching, and cultivation practices
  • Harvesting and foraging
  • Cooking with whole foods from the gardens (including outdoor cooking by fire)
  • Herbal medicine making
  • Wild foraging and harvesting of food and medicine
  • Food preservation
  • Animal husbandry
  • Building
  • Hosting and participating in community events

Compensation: Housing (in sturdy tents on elevated platforms) and food (direct from the farm, plus additional groceries) are provided. Interns may also have access to free or discounted educational events that are held on the land during their stay.

Supervision: Kate Boverman, WM Community Food Coordinator will be working with apprentices and overseeing all projects. Kate is a long-time member of the community who lives on the land as a steward. She has a background in gardening, herbalism, community organizing, Permaculture, ecology and systems thinking. Over the past 18 years Kate has worked along with others to create an ecologically responsible approach to community-based food production.

Hours: Flexible hours; 30-40 hours a week; June-August.

Qualifications: Growing food is physically demanding and labor intensive; applicants need to be physically able and willing to complete moderately strenuous activities as well as work outdoors in the summer heat. Because Wild Mountain is home to a handful of individuals and families (including friendly dogs), it is important that applicants be prepared to live and work in a group oriented setting. Communal meals, farm meetings, and frequent visitors are all to be expected.

We offer this learning opportunity to those who are self-motivated and self-responsible, who seek to develop skills, who wish to deepen their connection to themselves and the living earth, and who are excited to work in community with others toward common goals.

How to apply: We have 3 apprentice positions available this season. Our selection of apprentices will be based on how well applicants match with Wild Mountain’s overall needs and goals. Interested applicants should submit a letter or video of interest that includes a reflection on the questions below.

  • How does an apprenticeship at WM fit into your life goals and questions?
  • How does this apprenticeship build upon or break away from your past and current life pathways and interests?

Please send to:

Thank you so much!