Wild Mountain Slam & Jam Summer Camp, 2019: A report-back

Building on the lessons learned from participating in the Robert Frost International Camp (summer 2018), Wild Mountain hosted Camp Slam & Jam during the summer of 2019.  Every Thursday for 10 weeks, a total of 11 youth, ages 5-11, gathered from local Maine towns (Greene, Winthrop, Lewiston-Auburn) with a few out-of-town visitors, to write poetry, play music, and make art.  After lunch, we frolicked in Berry Pond, and wound down with some quiet activities–reading, puzzles, and talk. At the end of camp, we published an anthology of our poems, and had a standing room only performance and book signing party.  Stay tuned for our next summer camp adventure!

Here’s a poem we all wrote together that captures the spirit of S&J camp and Wild Mountain:

It’s summer!

by the Wild Mountain Slam & Jam Poetry crew, summer 2019

It’s summer!
Leaves are green
by Berry Pond
loons call
the water serene
The fire is bright
Coyotes call at night
I lie in the hammock with my eyes closed
and I listen to the breeze
full of love for this place
at ease
collected peace
feeling grateful
collecting peas
I’m grateful for other people
All of us run wild in the world!