About Wild Mountain

Wild Mountain Cooperative is a multifaceted collective effort: we are a cooperatively-run subsistence farm; a small cooperative living community; a gathering place for transformative organizing, teaching, and learning; home to a worker-owned tree and plant nursery (Wild Mountain Nursery); and an open space for imagining new land-based collective projects and ways of living. We are located in unceded Wabanaki homelands, on land held by Land in Common community land trust. This land is also shared by Presente! Maine’s community farm. 

Land care, community building, collective liberation organizing, self-transformation work, small scale subsistence farming, and cooperative, horizontal self-governance are our roots. The fruits of this work emerges as a solid and thriving base of community members who live both on and off the land; fertile soil and abundant gardens; vast ecological diversity of food, medicine, and fiber plants; a Common House with a beautiful community kitchen; a Schoolhouse for indoor workshops and gatherings; and (maybe most importantly) a lot of positive energy and open possibility for the future.

Wild Mountain has two kinds of core members: a small group of on-site stewards who live on the land and who manage the day-to-day farm work and projects, and off-site members who engage with the land through various projects and who are integral to the functioning of the cooperative.