Teaching and Learning Community (TLC)

The Wild Mountain Teaching and Learning Community (TLC), a project of Wild Mountain Cooperative, hosts and organizes teaching and learning events for people of all ages, emphasizing connections with the wild world, practices of cooperative living and decolonization, and visions for more just and joyful futures.

The TLC a three-legged stool firmly resting on the belief that we are all teachers, we are all learners, and that teaching and learning happen most effectively and joyously in community with others. We are committed to creating an environment that welcomes questions and empowers learners and teachers to follow their curiosity. We tap into the knowledge and expertise within our own community, and invite guests to contribute their passions and experience in workshops and performances.

Our explorations are not constrained by disciplinary boundaries, but are project- and inquiry- based. A question (like why is the sky blue?) can take us from atmospheric science, to poetry, dance, creative writing and back to chemistry, physics and mathematics. The skills and understandings we gain come about naturally through guided exploration and focused attention on critical thinking. The most important skill is learning how to learn, and this is often best accomplished by teaching what you most want to know. So we join together in teaching and learning, and have some serious fun!