Cooperative Living

Wild Mountain has grown out of a 16+ year history of cooperative living on the land. From 2001-2017, the JED Collective was home to many people, boldly experimenting with sharing lives together. Wild Mountain Cooperative has evolved from this work and learning, while also bringing together members of a wider community that grew up around (and intertwined with) JED over the years. This includes the elders (Jim and Naomi Nesbitt) from whom our original parcel of land was purchased and who have become like adopted grandparents to many of us. And it includes people who live off-site yet find heart’s homes here on the land and have dedicated significant energy toward growing this project in fruitful new directions (especially in the creation of the Teaching and Learning Community).

  Nine humans currently live on the land for at least some major portion of the year (Papa, one of our beloved elders, flies south for the winter), and three others living off-site are part of our core organizing crew. We live in small individual or family houses or cabins (co-housing style) while sharing a common kitchen, living area, workshop, barn, office, meeting space, and guest sleeping space. We share many of the financial responsibilities of caring for the land and sustaining our infrastructure, and we balance finding quiet personal time and space with lots of shared meals and projects.

With our recent transition from the JED Collective to Wild Mountain, we are in the midst of revisioning our legal and organizational structure with assistance from the Cooperative Development Institute and other allies. We’ll share news of this work as it evolves!